The Belcori Story


Why did we start Belcori?

We want to reinvent the luxury leather goods industry with their mass-produced luxury leather goods, pretentious status symbols and inflated sales prices with often little regard for social and environmental issues.

For us, less is more. Timeless and personalized leather pieces, handmade one-at-time in limited quantities to guarantee the ” Luxury of Exclusivity” is also our commitment to “never have a sale” to protect your investment.

Biodegradable and vegetable tanned leather, ecologically responsible, natural and recycled materials with disruptive pricing is our answer to the why.

Slow leather fashion at its best.

Corium ( + Bellus (Bel.lus) = Beautiful Leather in Latin

Our Origin

Belcori, a young Dutch online deluxe leather brand of natural materials, vegetable tanned and bio leathers, started with a personal adventure. While traveling the North of Spain in 2015, we stumbled across men and women who still practiced the centuries – old tradition of vegetable tanned leather.

Contrary to the more common chrome tanning procedure, vegetable tanning is completely natural, difficult to master and time-consuming. To transform our Spanish hides, a by-product of the meat industry, the process may take up to 40 days. It requires a prolonged method using original recipes handed down from one generation to the next over hundreds of years, to preserve and safeguard their local tradition and craftsmanship. This vegetable tanning procedure made a lasting impression on us and generated a perfect initial step for supplying ethical, European-produced leather goods.

We wanted our company to reflect our belief in the slow fashion movement. We consider this the only responsible method to continue enjoying premium leather products in a sustainable and guilt-free way.

Even before setting up Belcori, we made sure all our partners were as committed as we to similar sustainable policies, from the recycled cotton gift bags from Portugal, to the premium metal zippers we source in Spain.

When we had found the right vegetable tanner- a more than 100 years old company we were fixed on the idea to develop the same eco- friendly product manufacturers for pure leather bags and small leather goods.

What we discovered were some small artisanal factories in the mountainous south/west of the country. These ateliers are well hidden from the world. They do not have catalogs, brochures or websites. They only speak Spanish. And yet, they are often hired to produce leather goods for some of the largest and most prestigious luxury brands in the world.

It is the same quality craftsmanship which took us aback the moment we put our hands on full grain, smooth vegetable tanned leather products. These pieces have a rich look and soft feel. They are not only well made to last and will improve over the years, by developing a beautiful patina.

Time is the most important ingredient for these artisans. With this same respect, we design our Belcori leather goods. And yes, there is a price to pay for this level of craftsmanship, but not the one you will see on the price tags of big brands. We are firm believers in honest pricing and by providing Belcori luxury leather goods directly from the factory to consumers, we pass the savings on to you. Disturbing traditional luxury retail in the process.

As we learned in those Spanish regions, all it takes to create something truly great is passion, craftsmanship, and utmost patience.

Joachim Delfortrie


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