Statement handbags for women

Strictly Personal

Sustainable and ethical luxury handbags

The Belcori woman is of all ages, responsible, educated, professional and full of life. Her style is casual elegance, personal and unique, standing out in the crowd in an understated and stylish manner. She is eco-conscious, quality- aware, wanting to make a socially correct statement. Loves natural beauty and finds comfort in ethically produced European fashion products.

A woman not necessarily following the latest fashion trends, rather expressing a powerful femininity of her own. A woman we like to call our Belcori ambassador.

Belcori believes in a woman’s personal freedom to decide what styles define her. That is why we call our collection: Strictly Personal. For us, less is more. We prefer to create fewer ever-changing items with high quality, lasting for years and gaining in value. True investment pieces.

Boutique style without the high prices of leading brands. Made to order, one at a time, in traditional and vivid colors as well as in striking color combinations, tailored to your specific taste or needs. Each product a labor of love.

The Strictly Personal Collection matches with our Refined Minimalist Grand products and Small Leather Goods in quality, style, and color to create a coordinated look.

Strictly Personal Milled

Sustainable and biodegradable luxury handbags

This collection is competitively priced and uses our premium, milled and grainy, Belcouro, allergy-free bio leather, which allows to age beautifully and develop its own character. Each piece lovingly crafted by skilled artisans. Luxurious, pure and practical.

Strictly Personal Milled collection is coming soon.