Luxury document bags for executives

The Grand

The luxury collection for executives

A collection of five masterpieces conveying the excellence of Spanish master craftsmen. The coordinated design theme with two distinctive stripes is both classic and contemporary with its refined minimalistic approach, strong architectural ridged and curved lines, soft feel and its signature shapes.

It’s refinement appeals to executives looking for a modern twist on a timeless design, versatile and elegant while capturing the attention of your audience at every occasion. True pieces of distinction for leather connoisseurs with eco-ethical and sustainable production, which is part of our atelier’s DNA. Made to order in traditional and vivid colors as well as in striking color combinations.

The Refined Minimalist Grand Collection matches with our Strictly Personal products and Small Leather Goods in quality, style, and color to create a coordinated look.

Ambition Milled

The urban chic collection for executives

Designed for discerning professionals to showcase their ambition or just to enjoy a good piece of leather. Joyful companion pieces to release your full potential and make a statement. Made to order in traditional and vivid colors as well as in striking color combinations.

This collection is attractively priced and uses our premium, milled and grainy, Belcouro, allergy-free bio leather, which allows to age beautifully and develop its own character. Each piece lovingly crafted by skilled artisans. Luxurious, pure and practical.

Ambition Milled collection is coming soon.