BELCORI® – beauty & beyond

Belcori, the name comes from the latin words Corium (Ko.ri.ium) and Bellus (Bel.lus), meaning beautiful leather in Latin. Beyond relates to our respect for the environment.

Belcori is a new Dutch online leather brand with boutique quality, owned by a young Dutch/ Swedish entrepreneur Joachim Delfortrie with a vision and focus on sustainable Handmade Luxury Leather Goods without Luxury Markups.

Our crowdsourcing / crowdfunding business model is a radical change from the traditional luxury leather brands and retail trade with their absurd high margins.

Consumer- direct, no brick and mortar stores, no middlemen. We pass the savings directly on to you, with deliveries straight from the skilled artisans hands, head, heart and soul to your doorstep.

We create value our eco- conscious customers are looking for : natural – materials, ethically – made, environmental- friendly and fairly – traded.

Belcori wants to be at the forefront of The New Elux Fashion Era with respect for people and planet which is part of our European tradition and heritage.


We make our products exclusively in Spain and Portugal in the same artisan factories as Europe’s most prestigious leather brands, including some Italian. The cost structure in these countries is lower than Italy with the same level of leather craftsmanship, known to insiders. The Spanish/ Portuguese expertise in leather tanning and manufacturing, instead of marketing, make these factories ideal subcontractors for well known big brands. Their skills have been developed over centuries from father to son, all the way back to the occupation by the Moors in year 711!

Belcori’s products are handmade less & slow. Less in stead of luxury mass- production, slow to guarantee the European quality a Belcori product deserves. Belcori, sustainable slow leather fashion in bags and accessories; handmade to order one at -a- time with zero waste.

True luxury as it once was, without man-made materials.

A Belcori is an investment piece as well as an accessory to enhance your lifestyle.


Our collections are modern classics for international executives and urban professionals. Timeless creations for business, personal and pleasure activities with preferences for a minimalist, traditional or flamboyant way of life.                  

Belcori is not a status symbol, but true luxury with a focus on the actual value of the product instead of marketing, with 60 – 70 % lower prices, rivaling those of the finest European luxury brands at traditional luxury retail.

Available exclusively through the Belcori pre-order crowdfunding campaigns. Belcori’s philosophy is to design ever- changing items in restricted quantities to  guarantee ”The Luxury of Exclusivity”
Our availability policy and limited quantities per piece are designed to protect and safeguard your investment as Belcori “ will never have a sale”.

Old World craftsmanship for New World Excitement. Worth your investment, worth your wait. Guaranteed!


The most common and controversial leathers have chrome and other substances harmful to society and planet.

Why our our leathers so special ?                                                                           

We produce with ultra- premium Spanish full grain smooth vegetable tanned leather for our structured Spanish made leather bags & accessories. This type of leather is environmental – friendly, biodegradable and allergy free.


Our non-structured Portuguese bags are made from milled premium grainy leather. This type of leather is also environmental – friendly, biodegradable and allergy free. Belcori is proud to be selected as one of the first brands to make use of this revolutionary Portuguese invention. We call it Belcouro bio leather.

Both types of leather allow us to offer a truly fine leather product which will give you the exact luxurious sensation you are looking for with uncompromising quality and disruptive pricing backed by our lifetime product warranty.

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