Belcori Guideshops

In Europe

We offer a couple of country- specific, high- end retailers to cooperate with us.

Careful selected, independently owned in good locations to guide consumers interested in the Belcori leather collections:


——exclusive partner——


Why? Belcori’s  business model is online, however the internet has the disadvantage of lacking personal service and the fact that consumers can’t feel and touch the quality.

That’s the reason we created this guide concept: A win- win situation for both!

Our selected partners –  luxury lifestyle shops- , not necessary related to premium leather products, retail for similar prices as suggested by Belcori to gain market share and increase profits. Belcori forfeits these profits, but gains a physical presence and exposure.

Specific items will be available only at the BELCORI GUIDE SHOPS.

Inquiries invited:

Show us you are interested in this piece We will produce some of our new items based on public interest. Let us know if you are interested. You will receive an email when we decide to produce this item! After that it is up to you if you decide to buy this item.
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