Belcori Guide Shops

We offer a couple of country specific, high-end European retailers to cooperate with us.

Carefully selected, independently owned in good locations to guide consumers interested in the Belcori collections:


—–exclusive partner——


Why guide shops? Our business model is primarily e-commerce, however, the internet has the disadvantage of lacking personal service and not be able to experience our bags without seeing or touching the amazing quality, up close.

This is the reason we created the guide shop concept: A win-win situation for the retailer and us!

Our selected retail partners of luxury lifestyle shops are not necessarily related to premium leather products but do share a similar philosophy with us. These partners will retail for prices suggested by us to gain market share and increase their profits, supported by the Belcori brand marketing.

In return, Belcori will forfeit profit but gain physical presence and exposure in these regions. We only act as the product creator. Some custom made items will be available exclusively at the Belcori guide shops and will not be available in our online shop.

If you own a lifestyle shop and are interested in a partnership, please contact us here: