We are a young progressive lifestyle brand with a clear objective, but we need help, we can’t do it on our own. In Belcori’s world, climate smart production, sustainability, recycling, transparency, and positive vibes are of great importance to society and to our brand, just as beautiful products lasting for years, limited quantities per piece and honest pricing.


But this is only part of the story, a result of a meaningful journey of creation. There is more. The Belcori journey goes deeper. We interact with people and support the individuals who make it possible to create the Belcori collections: the farmer, the shepherd of the cattle, the tanner, the name of the craftsman and woman making your bag, the packaging man and the shipper. Most of them are personally known to us.


The majority of our leather bags and accessories are handmade to- order, one at the time. This principle allows us to minimize stock so there is no unnecessary waste or excess products people do not want to buy, needlessly wasting precious earth resources, even if these are renewable.


All this is our first step to reach our ultimate goal:1  Maintaining our boutique level of quality 2 radical consumer transparency 3 honest, non- inflated consumer prices 4 incorporating the concept of circularity.


Only then are we satisfied and have achieved our objective: beautiful, feel good, responsible, Belcori luxurious lifestyle products for the caring citizens of the world, ethically made in Europe at a honest price.

Together with you, we can make it work. Partner with Belcori “ reinventing luxury” to make a difference.

Transparency. We believe that consumers have the right to know where and how their products are being made and under which  conditions.That is why we produce in Portugal and Spain with their strict European( E.U.) labor and environmental conditions.

It is true that Italy has all the ingredients to make our products and is known in the world for good designs, high quality with a tremendous efficiënt marketing machine, developed over many years.

What people, however, don’t know is that many Italian, French and other luxury manufacturers produce in Spain and Portugal, with lower labor costs, and continue to sell under their own brand name. This is the reason we only produce in Portugal and Spain.

Not completely correct. Loewe is a Spanish prestigious luxury fashion house with worldwide presence. But in general, both countries are much better in manufacturing then in marketing. Their leather know-how and leather manufacturing goes all the way back to occupation by the Moors in the year 711!

We only use Spanish raw hides from adult cattle by known and responsible farmers. The legislation in Europe is very strict in terms of the ethical treatment of these animals.

Our leathers are adult cowhides that originate from the Catalunya region of Spain. The leather we use is always considered as a by-product of the meat industry and a secondary income for local cattle farms. For our leather goods and handbags, we use only Catalan hides as they are appreciated and known for their high quality.

Absolutely. There are no known cases of allergy reactions to the natural tannins in our vegetable-tanned and Belcouro bio leathers.

The Spanish city, where the tannery we work with is located, has one of the most efficient and modern wastewater treatment plants of Europe. The tanneries pay for the maintenance and running of this plant, which is solely dedicated to the treatment of the tanneries wastewater. Once this wastewater, after several treatments, is cleared of any kind of pollution, it is returned to the river for usage once more.

The Portuguese tannery has built its own wastewater treatment plant (chemical and biological) that respects the highest standards of quality. Parts of the solid waste, through a composting process are then used as agricultural fertilizer.

Yes, as much as possible. Most of our linings and gift bags are made from recycled cotton, our fittings are nickel free and our packaging uses recycled papers or FSC approved.

The Spanish tannery we use has various official certifications that prove how our vegetable tanned leathers are beneficial to the soil. The PH value, time of decomposition and physical properties of our vegetable tanned leathers and are an excellent fertilizer for the soil.

The Portuguese tannery we use achieved CTIC certification for our bio leathers with proof that the level of biodegradable disintegration is 100% after 14 days buried underneath the soil, according to the ISO norm 20200:2004

Although chrome III is a natural mineral found in the environment and not directly harmful to humans, in contrary to the very toxic chrome VI, we decided against the usage of chrome III tanned leather for various reasons. Large-scale chrome mining has a considerable negative effect on oxygen (air) and water contamination if not treated appropriately.

Furthermore, in due time and under specific conditions of temperature and light chrome III can oxidize into the harmful chrome VI. Also, the fact that this very fast tanning method of chrome leathers compared to vegetable-tanning also helps contribute to the mass production and waste that we are currently experiencing around the planet.

Vegetable tanned and Belcouro bio leathers are a natural material, marks, scratches and color variations show authenticity, not flaws. Here are some general care guidelines in keeping your Belcori in good hands.


  • Clean it with a slightly humid cloth, a soft sponge or with a gentle cleaning rubber.
  • If this does not remove the dirt, you can use a natural-based leather soap or lotion. We recommend Collonil Bamboo Lotion made from natural bamboo extracts.
  • Never dry clean, machine wash or use household chemicals, silicone or alcohol based soaps to clean our leathers.


  • Let the leather air dry naturally away from any source of direct heat to avoid crinkling.


  • Apply and rub with a leather balm to moisturize, this will also eliminate most surface scratches on the leather. We recommend using Collonil Organic Cream made from macadamia oil and carnauba wax.
  • Some leather balms might darken the leather, so try first on a hidden part.


  • If you want to prevent spotting of the leather from light rain, we recommend using Collonil Organic Protect & Care spray, made with organic olive oil.

Other recommended care products:

  • For waterproofing your Belcori bag but still letting the leather “breathe”, we recommend using Collonil Carbon Pro which uses advanced Carbon Tech.

No. We source in Europe, mainly in Spain and Portugal, from the leather to other natural materials we use. Some components come from Germany and the U.K. We recognise that many brands buy Italian or other European raw materials and produce in Asia.

Belcori on the contrary is a true European company in everything we do.

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