Smart Casual Collection

Smart Casual

Premium biodegradable eco-leather bags

The Smart Casual Collection is handmade in Portugal from our premium sustainable Belcouro eco leather. Environmentally friendly, biodegradable and allergy-free. Each piece lovingly crafted by skilled Portuguese artisans.

Style – The sustainable casual chic collection for the modern woman.

Created for the quality-aware modern woman that loves natural beauty and wants to make a socially correct statement with ethically produced bags for their urban and leisure lifestyle.

Ambition – The sustainable smart casual collection for executives

Designed for discerning professionals to showcase their ambition and enjoy sustainable and beautiful leather pieces to complement their busy lifestyles. Premium, pure and practical.

Ambition collection is coming soon.

Featured: TULIPA backpack - Soft Pink

We took the basic idea from our national symbol the tulip and transformed it into a modern leather backpack for the fashion conscious and practical female of today.

We paid special attention to the easy open/ close feature for these type of string backpacks. This urban- scale playful backpack not only makes an impression but a mayor style statement. A street- style icon in waiting?



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Featured: THE TULIPA pouch

Inspired by our Dutch heritage we designed a special leather pouch.

In the Dutch Golden Age ( 17th century) wealthy merchants paid all their transactions in gold and silver coins mostly from a dark brown leather pouch. The one with the largest pouch was the richest of all.

The form was similar to to the bulb of the tulip of which fortunes were made.
We re-designed the tulip icon to a modern take for today’s taste, while respecting tradition.


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