Belcori Philosophy

Reinventing Luxury
Sustainable and Transparent

We are not doing this for the masses

We want to challenge the luxury goods industry with their mass-produced luxury items. Reinventing luxury with handmade to order products. All created in Europe in an ethical and climate-smart way with uncompromising quality and honest pricing, using sustainable natural materials.
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Eco-conscious Principles

We create sustainable value for eco-conscious people by using natural materials that are ethically-made, environmental friendly and fairly traded.

Belcori wants to be at the forefront of “The New Elux Fashion Era” with respect for people and planet which is part of our European tradition and heritage.

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Artisan Production

Our leather goods and accessories are handmade in Spain and Portugal in small but long standing family-owned factories. Skills handed down from father to son with each generation. They are located in the same places where Europe’s most prestigious brands also produce their collections.

Belcori’s products are handmade using the less & slow method. Less of luxury mass production, slow to guarantee the European quality a Belcori product deserves. Old World craftsmanship for New World Excitement.

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Limited Availability

Belcori’s philosophy is to design ever-changing items in restricted quantities for most of our products to guarantee ”The Luxury of Exclusivity”, as we like to call it.

Our availability policy and limited quantities per piece are designed to protect and safeguard your Belcori investment.  We will never have a sale of an existing, final product.

Worth your investment, worth your wait. Guaranteed!

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100% European

We make our products exclusively in Europe. We source locally our materials with European origins from the vegetable-tanned leathers to the partly recycled cotton lining. We even go so far and establish partnerships with other European companies from Slovenian tracking app Chipolo to German maker of RFID blocking products, Cryptoalloy.

The heritage of Europe in many different products and to safeguard this knowledge play an important role in our decision to be 100% European. Like the Spanish and Portuguese heritage in leather tanning and skillful handcrafting, developed over centuries, traced all the way back to the occupation by the Moors in the year 711.

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Radical Transparency

Belcori is not a status symbol, but true luxury with the focus on the actual value of the product instead of excessive markups. We have up to  60% lower retail prices, compared to those of the finest European brands at traditional luxury retail.

Non-stock items can be handmade to order up to 30% off final retail price, delivery about 4-8 weeks.

Some new products will be launched through Kickstarter campaigns at disrupting Early Bird and Kickstarter pricing.

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Biodegradable Leathers

We produce with ultra-premium Spanish full-grain, smooth, vegetable-tanned leather for our Spanish made, structured and natural feel, leather bags & accessories. This type of leather is more environmental-friendly, biodegradable and allergy-free compared to the traditional chrome-tanned leathers.

Our Portuguese made products use a grainy, milled premium full-grain leather that is also environmentally-friendly, biodegradable and allergy-free. Belcori is proud to be selected as one of the first brands to make use of this revolutionary Portuguese tanning invention without the usage of tanning metals.

These carefully selected leathers fall under our Belcouro eco-leathers trademark.

Corium ( + Bellus (Bel.lus)
Beautiful Leather in Latin

Reinventing Luxury

Reinventing  luxury goes beyond the surface of superficial beauty. Reinventing luxury is respect for the environment and the people that help make it happen. Reinventing luxury is responsible and conscious.

A Personal Investment

A Belcori product is a personal investment. We will never do discount sales or large clearance sales on existing, final products. This is designed to protect and safeguard your investment in a Belcori piece that can become part of your personal heritage, as heirlooms, to be proudly kept in the family for years to come.

Our Design Concept

We create with our head, hands, heart, and soul. The result of fulfilling these passion inspired emotions are timeless luxury goods that become modern classics.

Luxurious, pure, aesthetic, practical and always true to our “naturally exclusive” DNA:

Natural Materials |  Discreet Markings | Refined Styling |  Coordinated Design | Uncompromising Quality

“I want to give my products a deeper meaning than just a beautiful made finished product. I want to give people the experience to enjoy and embrace this journey of how, where and who makes a Belcori piece, from start to finish.”

Meet the founder
Joachim Delfortrie

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